Friday, September 6, 2019

Television genre Essay Example for Free

Television genre Essay According to the Catalan language dictionary Alberti , culture is a joint space of knowledge from a person; or else the joint space of the human creations in general, or the specific of a country or a society. So everything that creates culture is related to the knowledge that different individuals have. And how can people achieve knowledge? As said by Timo Jarvilehto, psychology professor in the Oulu University: the senses are not transmitters of environmental information; rather, they create a direct connection between the organism and the environment that makes possible a dynamic organism-environment system With the help of efferent effects on receptors, each organism creates its own particular world Therefore, we get knowledge thanks to everything that surrounds us. Basing on the results of an interview (see annex), Catalan people do not know their own culture. The Catalan typical folkloric dances are danced in a cultural association called Esbart. Theoretically, everybody must know at least, which is the name of this association, but when we look to the results we see that this is not true. To the question: Do you know what an Esbart is? No more than a 20% of the interviewed men knew what is it. In women, results are a bit higher, but anyway the tax is very low; only a 40% of them knew the answer. However, the results for another question were very different. After the Catalan culture, I asked for the American one. The question was: Do you know what the Country Dance is? Surprisingly ALL the interviewed women know how the American dances are, even some of them had practice it. Moreover, in the males case only one of the interviewed didnt know what the American dances were, and it was the case of a 72 years old man who almost didnt know what the television was. So we can extract from this example that the actual society knows better foreign cultures that their own traditions. Going back to the first definition of culture, we know that what is around us affect us. Since last 30 or 40 years, media are one of the main stimuli around us. So are the influences that help us most to create culture.

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