Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Consultancy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Consultancy - Essay Example With the help of this assessment practice, it was identified that knowledge of current recruitment practices in different industries along with know-how of different jobs roles and organization models is necessary. On the other hand, compensation and benefit consultancy requires knowledge of taxation and payroll management along with prevailing market norms for development of market competitive package is necessary. Other than these roles of HR, OD consultancy is also an interesting field. Organizational development is an uncertain process that progresses on trial and testing. Therefore, strategic thinking along with leadership, intrapersonal, interpersonal and problem diagnosis skills, are necessary for this role. It is important that prior to working on the professional assignments, theoretical insight and practical exposure has been acquired through necessary trainings, apprenticeships and assisting seasoned professionals. Consulting Capability Framework In order to analyze the sk ills set required for this part of portfolio submission, I would like to pursue my career as HR consultant with core emphasis on compensation and benefits, recruitment and organization development. ... Some of the core yet common capabilities include exceptional communication skills, strategic thinking, team work attitude and effective time management (Ball, 1989; 1996; Roebuck, 1998). However, further emphasis on individual roles assists in identifying individual requirements of these roles. For recruitment consultancy, it is important that a consultant is aware of different requirement of in-house hiring and personnel management, outsourcing and executive search. Out of these executive search is the most rewarding and sophisticated role since a consultant needs to be aware of client as well as candidate’s needs and they are expected to find a match that is not only job-fit but is an organization-fit as well (Schoyen and Rasmussen, 1999; DuPreez, 2010). Due to extension of such roles globally, it is further important that a recruiter has to have an insight of cultural competence i.e. candidate’s values needs to match with organizational culture (Compton, Nankervis, a nd Morrissey, 2009). Furthermore, thorough knowledge of the role for which recruitment is being performed is also important. Most of the HR consulting firms performing executive search have separate domains for every sector such as banking, FMCG, logistics, services etc and also for different fields such as supply chain, mechanical, HR, finance etc. In addition to the role of recruitment or executive search consultant, a role of compensation and benefits consultant also has certain requirements in terms of skills. These key skills include relevant education in business and finance along with industry knowledge. Cultural sensitivity and global mobility policies are another criteria required to be fulfilled.

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