Monday, September 9, 2019

Should college athletes get paid Research Paper

Should college athletes get paid - Research Paper Example We must mention that not every learner gets a scholarship and more so, it does not cover everything. Firstly, we must mention that the scholarships granted to student athletes cover tuition, fees, room, board and textbooks as put across by the National Collegiate Athletic association (NCAA ). Nature of the scholarship varies with the learners as some receive cover for only some of these expenses while many still receive exceedingly more aid than the average student. The scholarship is extended to outstanding students who are exemplary talented and work very hard to earn money extended to them. Additionally, colleges provide a lot to these athletes giving them a distinctive advantage over others. For that, we can argue for and against paying them as we demonstrate below. Most importantly, we must agree that colleges are making a lot of money off these students, who commit their energy and will power to engage in sports. Apparently, social media are so popular and making money out of sports is a ridiculous pursuit. The broadcasted college sports are generating a lot of profits for schools especially from basketball and football. The activity is out rightly tiresome and subject the students to negative effects to their physicality. With all these money, we can agree that the schools can afford it and should share with the athletes. Secondly, the money granted to these individuals is not enough to meet all the expenses. It’s tailored towards the basics that are a must for everyone. They don’t obtain more than the scholarship grant. It’s not enough to cover all expenses like tuition, board, travel, books and many others. They never find time to recompense these needs as sports exercises and practices take all time after academic responsibilities. They don’t have time to commit to odd jobs to support themselves. Paying them would help them meet these needs and appreciate their talents at the

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