Friday, September 27, 2019

Quality management - M Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Quality management - M - Coursework Example Both the customers are important for the development of the company. Quality is one of the major elements, which helps the customers to make the decision about the product and/or services and it also meet the needs of the customers. Therefore, Tatweer Petroleum focuses on strategies to maintain quality and uses advanced technology to satisfy the demand of internal as well as external customers. In this respect, quality is important for internal customers with the aim of enhancing different aspects that include morale, communication, productivity and operational alignment. Similarly, quality is vital for external employees, as they are able to consume products based on their preferences, which in turn ensure better returns and brand value for the company. Subsequently, the company is able to maintain a healthy relationship between stakeholders and accordingly, an effective workplace environment can be maintained (Tatweer Petroleum, 2015; Lin, 2010). Quality is the degree through which the features of the products meet the present values. In the present day scenario, ‘total quality management’ (TQM) has received worldwide attention and several industries adopted TQM mostly in the developed countries to provide products and/or services in accordance with the needs of the customers. It is important for the progress and improvement in the areas of cost, quality reliability, innovative efficiency and effectiveness of a business. Presently, every organisation follow as well as implement TQM program for the enhancement of the quality of the products, satisfy the demand of the customers and the development of an organisation (Willey, 2015). Quality management is considered as the function, which is used to confirm the products and the operation of a business to meet certain standards or values. The design quality standards and the process quality standards have several major differences. Design quality focuses on the

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