Thursday, September 12, 2019

Strategic Social Challenges of Wal-Mart Article

Strategic Social Challenges of Wal-Mart - Article Example Reducing greenhouse emissions can save money for their consumers. The company also planned to give preference to the suppliers that participate in this program. They have started recycling plastic to eliminate waste and they are also working with their suppliers and educating them. Packaging should be from renewable or recyclable material to save cost and they decided to work with their packaging supplier. Recycling can save on landfill costs. As far as products are concerned, Scott said they would introduce products that are safe and produced in a sustainable way. They are introducing organic products to eliminate toxins in different product categories  such as paper, food, fisheries, and electronics. Apart from the environment, they also decided to focus on product sourcing, health care, wages, community involvement, and diversity. They are trying to ensure that all the workers are treated properly. They also want to bring in insurance for all their Associates and establish basic health care clinics to bring greater access. They would also focus on the wages as this has been the area of criticism but they claim to be abiding by the minimum wages laid down by the Congress.   They believe in diversity and would continue to hire the minorities and the women and also increase business with minorities companies. Wal-Mart was aware of the challenges that the company was facing as they proposed to revise their Associate benefits and the public reputation during their Board Retreat in 2005.

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