Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Latino Studies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Latino Studies - Essay Example Keeping in mind of the extensive and porous border that the United States shares with Mexico, many people in the United States worried that, the violence in Mexico could extend to their country. Furthermore, Mexico, being the second biggest state in Latin America, it constitutes the largest portion of the total number of immigrants into the United States. Therefore, at first, the matter of child immigration in the eyes of the people was a Mexican issue (BBC 3). However, child migration from Honduras as well as from the other Central American nations has become a great matter of concern as the then small problem grew steadily to become a critical humanitarian condition according to President Barrack Obama. Soon after, all the discussions regarding immigration in the United States turned on to child migration into the U.S-Mexico border. The matter prompted president Obama to request for additional funds from the members of Congress to help mitigate the problem (BBC 5). There is a lot of controversy regarding the exact reasons that led to this rapid increase in child migration who mostly come from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. Some people in Central America hold the false belief that children who make their way to the United States enjoy great autonomy in their lives. Many president Barrack Obama critics indict him for escalating the problem through his careless enforcement of the immigration laws of the United States (Hing para.5). Different leaders and influential people in the United States started expressing their opinions on the best ways of solving the problem. Hillary Clinton asked the Obama government to clearly, inform the Central American people that migrants of all age including children will have their way back to their respective countries. Biden, the vice president, with instructions from the government went to Guatemala to meet the Central American leaders and pass the message. With this step,

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