Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Political science - The Internet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Political science - The Internet - Essay Example There are no quandaries with regard to logging in; it is an extremely simple process. No passwords are required or even email addresses. At the beginning also catchy phrases are utilized which can be extremely persuasive. For instance, there is a place where an individual can learn more with regard to becoming a Romney member, how one can get a piece of the national cake, as well as what to expect from Romney. Furthermore, there is the presentation of how Romney will advance the education structure of the U.S. This is extremely attractive for people with kids as well as the young people. Romney also targets the Latino populace. There is a link where prospective voters can meet Romney as the person, to comprehend who he is and his viewpoint. There is also a video presenting narrations from persons with regard to the failures of the Obama administration. This is meant to expose the weaknesses of President Obama and present why voters should choose Romney in the impending elections. The lingo utilized is extremely persuasive, and it makes an individual believe that Romney has a lot in to portray to the America nation. Other techniques of how to link with this Presidential aspirant are given as Face book, Twitter as well as Flickr and Google +. At the end of the page, there is an emphasis of Romney’s confidence in the America populace. The significant emphasis in the Romney campaign is the enhancement of the education schools. He talks a lot about how he will reform this, but he does not tackle college education. He utilizes the technique of exposing and attacking Obama’s failures to lure people to believing he will bring change. For instance, there is a presentation of the failures of Obama in a video. However, as negative as this might be, he intends to give Americans the truth so that they can make sound decisions. His speech on education restructuring is extremely persuasive but that not all to presidency. This

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