Monday, September 23, 2019

Analysis paper Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Analysis paper - Coursework Example The third, which was cheaper, was work sample test because it utilized $55000 to complete the process. The company should select the third method which work sample test because the company will utilize fewer resources as compared to the other methods. It will help the company to save resources to be used in other activities because the process used in all the three methods are the same and targets one objective of selecting 25 applicants. The best people to help the company in assessing the salesmen are the customers. They are the immediate people who know exactly what the salesmen are doing in the field in the process of selling the products. The company should conduct a survey using questionnaires issued to the customers with simple questions on the products, prices, quantity, and customer satisfaction. The questionnaire will ask the customer the products, prices, and quantity of the products, which will be compared with what is issued in the company. The company will know if the customers are overcharged, offered fewer quantities or a different product from those produced by the company. The questionnaires will help the company know if the customers are satisfied with the produce treatment and treatment by the salesmen. The customers will analyze the questionnaires and address any problem the customers are facing or make general improvements. The oil and gas company should survey on the rates of remuneration offered by the competitors to its employees in relation to education level and experiences. After the survey, the company will compare with its compensation to the employees and make slight adjustments in relation to its production costs. The adjustment will help the company to be externally competitive in the market. When it comes to market competition, the company should survey the prices of products offered by the competitors. The company will compare the prices, adjust the prices to more affordable, and influence

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