Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Front end of General Motors company Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Front end of General Motors company - Case Study Example The tools used in the analysis include dominant economic features, driving force analysis, strategic group map, PESTLE and competitive analysis framework. The main issue under discussion is on product reliability based on the products and consumer perception. The company has issues with quality assurance and lack of quality control system. According to the consumer reports of 2009, there were numerous recalls of GM products due to reliability. Therefore, the paper comes up with three alternatives to curb the issue on reliability. The first alternative to curb the issue is coming up with an automated checking mechanism that will check any product’s defect. The alternative is important because it will ensure that no defects goes unchecked (General Motors, 1980). Some of the defects that the automation process will check includes faults with seat belts, brakes, and other important areas. On the other hand, the alternative though helpful is very expensive and requires a lot of structures and capital to put up. Another alternative to curb the issues on quality control is that the company need to set up certified auditors who will carry out random and frequent check up on the company’s product. The auditor need to come up with routine reports on the manufacturing process and the equipment used during the process. The advantage of this alternative is that the company will make sure that their quality control systems are up to date and efficient. One of the cons of this alternative is that there are tendencies that the company might ignore the reports and recommendations from the certified auditor. Citing claims that the recommendations are expensive to implement (General Motors, 1981). The third alternative to curb the issue is recalling all the vehicles that have default issues. Recalling the vehicle will ensure that the company beefs up quality control issues. Recalling the vehicle will give the

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