Saturday, August 24, 2019

Archetypal and mythic patterns in the Titanic Movie Review

Archetypal and mythic patterns in the Titanic - Movie Review Example The Titanic was released in 1997 and became one of the most celebrated motion pictures to have been made. It was honored with four Golden Globe awards besides the Producer Guild of America Award and Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director being prominent amongst countless more nominations and awards.This paper shall highlight the archetypal and mythic patterns in the movie that contributed to the exponential success that the movie attained (.The titanic constituted of a lengthy cast which comprised of actors and actresses playing the characters of fictional characters on the ship as well as a few who represented the real people who were present on the ship. Notable leads in the cast included Leonardo Di Caprio as a fictional character who is a penniless man with nothing to lose and lives life as it comes forth, Kate Winslet as a fictional character who a young girl belonging to the upper class and has the fervor to break free of the hassles of a rich life but lacks the courage to d o so, Billy Zane as fianc to Kate Winslet's character, Frances Fisher as Kate Winslet's character's widowed mother, Victor Garber as Thomas Andrews Junior who was in reality present on the ship when it sailed and was the ship's builder, as well as Gloria Stuart, Bernard Hill and Bill Paxton playing fictional characters as well. However, it was the fact of knowing that a few of the members of the cast had actually once existed and had been involved in the actions shown in the movie that was the reason for the continuous attention that the movie captured.

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