Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Diversity interview Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Diversity interview - Assignment Example The obvious differences between us is the manner we practice our faith. I am a Catholic while Cyrus is a Muslim. We also have gender differences, he is male while I am female. We also have generational differences with him belonging to Generation X while I belong to Generation Y. Cyrus and I enjoyed talking about our adjustment here in the USA especially when he narrated the funny things he did just to fit in and to some extent, the cultural shock he experienced. I am most comfortable with this topic because this is funny and not sensitive to talk about. The aspect that is least comfortable for me to talk about him was religion. Before asking about it, I had to explain myself at length that this is for a diversity class and that I do not mean to be offensive, and that if I already am, he could interrupt me anytime during the interview. I am not comfortable with the topic of religion because I do not want to be offensive to Cyrus especially that I am a Catholic. I do not want our differences cause friction between us because is such a nice man. You see, Catholic launched a crusade against Islam during the Middle Age and this makes the topic touchy. The most important insight I develop is that our fears and anxiety about Muslims are baseless. For example, I was not comfortable talking about religion especially comparing Catholicism and Islam and that he might still be hooked with the idea of the Crusade. To my surprise however, he is more eager to talk about it and is more conciliatory than I am. Just like the most of us, he does not want to make religion an issue that divides people. He also worries about terrorism in the same manner that we worry about it. This relates to our discussion of our diversity in a manner that our seeming differences after all are not insurmountable if only we keep an open line of communication and if we are willing to talk about it. In talking to

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