Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The Japanese Internment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Japanese Internment - Essay Example The answers of these questions come to us through the story of Japanese American Internment. These people were imprisoned and interned for no strong reason. They were sent to the relocation camp far away from their homes. The disgraceful incident of internment started soon after the Pearl Harbor attack. On December 7, 1941 Imperial Japanese Navy attacked on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Suspicion prevailed all over among the outraged American people and their attitude towards the Japanese- Americans suddenly changed. On the background of the bombing on Pearl Harbor, the Presidential proclamations were signed which included 2525 (Japanese), 2526 (German), and 2527 (Italian). The Raciest Hysteria led to the forced evacuation and internment of the Japanese- Americans. Approximately 120,000 Japanese Americans were imprisoned and were sent to the war relocation centers. Among some young men of Japanese heritages became some of the most trustworthy soldiers. In 1990, Japanese American survivors of the camps started receiving redress checks of $ 20,000 along with a letter of apology from President George Bush. The Second World War had just started. There was a historic incident happened during this time. It was 19th February 1942. On the basis of the Pearl Harbor attack, Franklin Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066. According to the order 120,000 Japanese- Americans were rounded up to one of the 10 internment camps which were called â€Å"relocation centers.† The American government took such initiatives against the Japanese- Americans due to the fear that those people would otherwise support to the Japanese in Second World War. Thus more than 2/3 of the Japanese in US were interned who were the citizens of United States. They were never disloyal to America yet they were evacuated for no strong reason. The blatant euphemism was that they were humiliated by calling them ‘non-aliens.’ The misery of the people can be

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