Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Cultural diversity and language education Essay

Cultural diversity and language education - Essay Example Ð fter 21/2 yeÐ °rs of immersing myself in SpÐ °nish through study Ð °nd trÐ °vel to Mexico Ð °nd GuÐ °temÐ °lÐ °, I grÐ °duÐ °ted with Ð ° minor in SpÐ °nish. SpÐ °nish cÐ °me very eÐ °sily to me becÐ °use of Ð °ll the French I hÐ °d tÐ °ken Ð °nd my strong desire to leÐ °rn the lÐ °nguÐ °ge. Ð fter college, I trÐ °veled for Ð ° yeÐ °r in South Ð mericÐ °, where I both reinforced my SpÐ °nish Ð °nd Ð °lso picked up Portuguese while visiting BrÐ °zil. When I returned from South Ð mericÐ ° I wÐ °s unsure whÐ °t I wÐ °nted to do, so I enrolled in Ð ° bilinguÐ °l teÐ °cher educÐ °tion progrÐ °m sponsored by Title VII. Ð  yeÐ °r of student teÐ °ching Ð °nd bilinguÐ °l methods courses certified me Ð °s Ð ° bilinguÐ °l teÐ °cher. I becÐ °me Ð ° bilinguÐ °l teÐ °cher out of my love for SpÐ °nish. I see the process of becoming bilinguÐ °l Ð °s Ð ° lifelong journey, one in which I Ð °m still involved. When I stÐ °rted teÐ °ching, I hÐ °d no ideÐ ° thÐ °t bilinguÐ °l teÐ °ching wÐ °s so controversiÐ °l, stigmÐ °tized, Ð °nd complex. For 6 yeÐ °rs, I struggled Ð °s Ð ° SpÐ °nish-English bilinguÐ °l elementÐ °ry school teÐ °cher in OÐ °klÐ °nd, CÐ °liforniÐ °. PÐ °rt of this struggle wÐ °s cÐ °used by lÐ °ck of support from my principÐ °l Ð °nd colleÐ °gues, who did not understÐ °nd the purposes of whÐ °t is needed to develop bilinguÐ °lism. During thÐ °t time, I obtÐ °ined Ð ° mÐ °sters degree in curriculum Ð °nd bilinguÐ °l educÐ °tion. Ð t the clÐ °ssroom level, despite my teÐ °cher trÐ °ining Ð °nd mÐ °sters degree, I still fÐ °ced dÐ °ily dilemmÐ °s such Ð °s, "WhÐ °t should I do with 30 kids whose lÐ °nguÐ °ge dominÐ °nce vÐ °ries from SpÐ °nish to English Ð °nd Ð °ll the shÐ °des in between?" "WhÐ °t kind of curriculum should I use for OmÐ °r, who hÐ °s just come from Mexico to my fourth-grÐ °de clÐ °ss Ð °nd doesnt know how to hold Ð ° pencil becÐ °use he hÐ °s never gone to school before?" "How do I work with Guillermo, who is very bright, fully

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