Sunday, October 6, 2019

Case Study - A Question of Contamination Assignment

Case Study - A Question of Contamination - Assignment Example re to this, if he is a person that values integrity, he should ensure that the selfish preferences of the prominent individuals should not surpass the well-being of the society. He should be accountable to the public by solving the conflict, because keeping silent would mean the government is unresponsive to its people. Additionally, being a public representative requires him to be accountable to the community in terms of what he knows and says (Box, 2013, pp.111-112). Blowing the whistle in this case would mean advocating for the public good, hence not being part of the corrupt individuals. This can be done by holding those involved in the deal responsible for the loss suffered by the community. Since the issue is a public affair, and it affects the whole community, it would be morally wrong to conceal the issue. Continued use of the chemical leads to the loss of economic resources that could be used to improve the economic position of the entire nation, and rapid steps need to be taken to save the nation. According to Lee, Neeley, and Stewart (2011) Erickson should formulate a plan of ending the crisis caused by the dangerous fertilizer. This would include reporting the incident to the respective regulatory body for the product to be banned from the market. He should also formulate a response plan to the public that should help them learn the importance of discontinuing the product in their farms. These strategies would curb further loss of animals, leading to the betterment of society. On the evidence, he now has of the possible environmental dangers of the fertilizer, should he inform the public? If so, should he leak the information to the press or identify himself as the source? What would be the likely consequences of each action? Informing the public about the danger of the fertilizer would help the community to save their herds. They would stop using the fertilizers, thus promoting their interest, and that of the nation, as great savings on survival of

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