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Technology at Work Essay Example for Free

Technology at Work Essay The World Wide and Computers GSP and Smart cell phones New way Transportation Introduction Technology is has made the world we live in today. It helps us move faster with the car we drive, and keeps us safe with new air bags or better seat belt. Technology is simple as a computer helping us type a research paper, to doing the research at home with the help of Internet. We are always inventing something better to improve our life, the invention of the cell phone made commutation better and faster. With new ways of getting to work in new safer, bigger and fast subways or buses, making it easier to get to work. We seem to do our day and not think of how lucky we are to be in this time. Health care to farming use technology from ordering supplies to gathering the crops, everyone have benefit from all these advancement. Technology at work Technology has always been made to improve and longer our lives. Technology affects our lives in good ways and bad from telling us what time it is to waking us in morning for work with a forecast of the day’s weather. Yet sometimes it lets us down breaking down on us when we need it the most or overheating and been unreliable to us. Today’s technology seems to be improving our lives every day and in every way impossible, with faster safer cars to new apps in our phones to check our bank account or where our loves are. With every new week new technology comes out, for example better bigger faster cell phones that have TV on it. Each week companies are working with new better technology to stay in reach of each other; from manager to manger or to employee. They use these tools to produce or work faster and safer. In this ever changing world and economy technology advancements are always improving before our eyes every day. Within the past five years cell phones, computers, cars and the internet have taken a big leap moving faster, become larger and doing much more then places a call or taking us to our destination. Technology has improve our daily lives in many ways without us been noticing. Yet the work place has had one of the biggest impacts, yet employees don’t feel or notice the impact it has had on them. With new cell phones, computers, and faster internet information travels faster than lighting these days. Also with new advancement in transportation of martials, supplies, and people can be done more efficiently in short time while saving on gas cost. These new technology advancement companies can save time and money. All these new advancement helps companies send, share, and acquire information within seconds. People and companies commute with each other with emails, text or a video chat. Information can travel faster than anyone could of image; the world doesn’t feel as big as before. A larger of implication is in the way companies and people conduct business these days. Now people can commute fast or shop online without leave our sits or their office. The World Wide and Computers Information travels faster than the speed of light in today’s world. Information is been sent from person to person in a blink of eye from blackberries to Iphones to emails making the world smaller thanks to communication technology . During work I wonder how hard work would be without our technology. Every company in the world use computers and the internet to store and send information, no more use store units and sending letters thru the mails. Thanks to the Internet Companies can store important files; send emails, orders supplies and materials thru the web. For century companies have try to commute and pass news to shareholders to employees. With computers companies can type a letter without use paper or ink and with the internet they can send to everyone in the companies thru email. News and important information’s can be sent out quicker thru the company. Instead of mailing letters companies are sending out emails. Thanks to the internet commutations seems a lot easier than before with emails, people can receive emails on their smart phones now and they response right way. With the new technology such emails and cell phones communication is made easier for employers and employees. Technology helps company run their business faster, safer, more money efficiently and at a lower cost. Adding technology-based tools to a work place increases safety it will also help increase organizational efficiencies. Computers and internet ensure data accuracy, improve workflow management, and reduce the total cost of incidents or the loss of information. Companies have always invented things to improve their production with a lower cost. The Invention of the internet has made to improve our work lives and make work easier to. The internet lets companies share, gather information quicker and cheaper. One example of computers and internets at work would be my job, working at hotel computers has made storing and gathering information’s quicker. When a guest walks in the front desk only needs his last name and they can look him up. The computers let the people in the front how long the guest is stay to what kind of room he would like. In an article â€Å"How Have Computers Helped the Workplace? † By Ann Dietrich, eHow Contributor† he tells â€Å"Many businesses now keep their client records and buying histories in databases for quick retrieval and review†. From hotels to retail use this technology this data helps company improve their service to making product in which customer would like. The internet today seems to change the way commute with each other in the past decade or so. We went from writing letters to each other to calling each other thru the phone to text and email or social network. The internet has transformed the way we communicate, in part due to the advent of the computer. Instead of mailing letters, were writing e-mails through Gmail or Hotmail. In â€Å"Workplace e-mail and Internet use: employees and employers beware â€Å"by Charles J. Muhl† he writes â€Å"The widespread use of the Internet and e-mail has transformed the way business is conducted in the typical American workplace. Written communication to almost anyone in the world now can be completed nearly instantaneously; information about any subject encountered in a daily job task can be retrieved in seconds from the Internet through multiple search engines. These technological developments have benefited employers and employees alike—employers in accomplishing business goals and employees in performing their duties. While I worked at Lowes I was showed that with click of a bottom managers can check on their employees and see how the work is coming along thru a computer at work or at his house. The World Wide Web has made it easier for people and companies to reach each other gather store and share data from customer to employee making communication a lot faster. E-mails are great of commutation because easy and are free companies and people save money sending emails instead of letters. You don’t have to send out mail and buy stamps use paper and ink. Although is a bit less formal. With a good follow-up e-mail companies can provide awesome customer service as well. With the use of a computer and internet Company’s e can make orders online without going to the store. As companies look for ways to cut down on spending money, the internet has been their biggest money saver. Companies can send emails, track orders, stored information, and download information in second. Companies and customers have befitted from technology, mangers can send emails, process reports and stats of their process or check on their phone on an order of materials or supplies which they waiting for. If a manager needs supply for a project he or she can jump on a computer and check for the nearest store that carries the supply or the needed materials. If no store carries the items they can order online and have it ship to his or her door within days. Now with cellphones having internet companies and people can make orders in hands and check on the order from their hands. When companies make an order they now can go online and track the package to see when it will arrive. The advancement in internet technology has made it easier to send, gather, share and been access the information. With the computer came the internet and out of the internet came out the social networks; such as link in, Facebook, tweeter and MySpace. With the rise of social networks companies and people can be post on the internet information, stats and company process. With social networks companies can post news or a job positions they need. Social network has made it easier to look for good workers and find jobs. Thanks to the internet life and work has been made easier. Managers can check, do paper work or see on their work process, employees even when they are vacations, their job can be done faster, more time and money efficiently. Companies can be in contact with their employees at any time of the day. With email their customers and employees can receive news about upcoming events or how work process is coming along. SMART CELL PHONES/ GPS Since the first cell phones well more like a brick phone came out, cell phones now smart phone have evolve faster with each year. Today cell phones come with videos, cameras, gps and Internet its like a mini computer. Cell phone are now smart phones since they can go online, use power points or excel and if in need of direction just push the GSP app. Yet many companies have no cell phones in the work place police, but all employees carry their phones in their pocket. Yet mangers and top CEO’s have benefit more on cell phones, with a click of bottoms a call can be made from any place in the world where there is single of course. Smart Phones have had a great impact on Project Management, besides the basic phone call and texting. The benefits are great; you can read and sent e-mails. Like that you can keep your customers updated and your working team. They have organizers and reminders. They help you keep organized with its built-in PDA. You can accomplish a lot and be on track. It gives you access to the internet so you can never be behind with information but will keep you ahead of everybody else. A lot of smart phones provide you with maps, in case you are lost somewhere. As well as traffic information, that can help you a lot with customers and important business meetings in case you are running late or you have a choice of taking a different route. It helps you keep your workers on track. Photo and video cameras are excellent for inspections and damaged material or machinery. A smart phone has a head a great impact on Project Management. GPS (Global Positioning System) The impact of GPS (Global Positioning System) Tracking on Project Management is crucial. The ability to track employees with GPS can save companies thousands of dollars each year. Increasing a mobile worker’s productivity can have a huge positive impact on a company’s bottom line. GPS started as a simple way to locate employees quickly. Now many new applications have been added to further increase employee productivity and reduce expenses for companies. GPS offers many ways to help companies: Efficiently manage your fleet. Stay in close contact with drivers and intelligently dispatch them based on their exact location, reducing delivery times and allowing drivers to complete more deliveries in less time. Improve visibility. Know where your mobile workers and customer shipments are with near real-time updates on a Web-based map. Control costs. Track drivers miles to ensure they are paid accurately. Save money on fuel and maintenance by minimizing out-of-route miles, and know where your fleet is and what they are doing. * Track drive times. Ensure compliance with Hours of Service (HOS) regulations by tracking drivers duty status with wireless timesheets. * Reduce mileage. Get dynamic, turn-by-turn voice and onscreen directions and as while as optimize routing based on load. * Improve customer service. Accurately pinpoint fleet location and estimate arrival times. And with the efficiencies gained, you can provide customers with faster service. Also it is possible to provide call ahead service as the employee gets closer to the deliver or service job. * Control costs. Ensure workers are paid accurately and save money on fuel by reducing mileage. How does GSP work? Many of today’s cell phones/PDA has GPS built into the units. These units pick up signals for GPS satellites and can accurately pin point the device location within a few feet. Combined with this mapping software and the device now become a full mapping and routing device. This alone can save mobile works precise time by not getting lost and getting to job sites or customer appointments quicker. This data can also be easily uploaded to a database so that employers can instantly locate their employees at all times. GPS is important for: Safety – locate an employee who has been in an accident, hurt, ill, need immediate medical attention or is in some type danger. * Better customer service so you can tell a customer how close your employee is to their location. * Ability to better route employees to the next job. * Record number of miles employees has driven. * Know when a vehicle is due from service call. * Employees being more efficient with their time . GPS is also used for more accurately reporting employee time: start/stop times, lunch and breaks can all be tracked automatically with just a few pushes of the buttons on the phones. Reports tell you not only what time the employee â€Å"logged† in to work, but where they were when they started working. * Sign in and out of work job at actual job site, reducing travel time from headquarter location * Timesheet applications * More efficient way to get employees started on their day Many companies have discovered that using GPS to track their company vehicles and employees is a useful tool for saving time and money. Here are 10 companies that use GPS’s to track their employees. 1. Trucking  Ã¢â‚¬â€œ Large trucking companies have tracking devices installed on all their vehicles to monitor them at all times. This helps ensure that deliveries are made on time and that their drivers are using the most efficient routes. They can also determine if their drivers are staying within the speed limits. 2. Law enforcement  Ã¢â‚¬â€œ It’s critical for law enforcement to know where their vehicles and personnel are at all times. When a crime is called in, they know instantly who is in closest proximity so they can be dispatched more quickly. GPS tracking is often used to file reports and conduct investigations. 3. Construction  Ã¢â‚¬â€œ Many construction companies have numerous company vehicles used by their employees. They need to know that their vehicles are used for company business and not for personal uses. They also want to make sure their employees are where they’re supposed to be when they’re on the job. 4. Taxi service  Ã¢â‚¬â€œ Dispatchers for taxi companies use GPS to know where their vehicles are so they can get the most efficient use of them. The time and miles between fares is greatly reduced and also keeps their drivers honest. 5. Utilities  Ã¢â‚¬â€œ Companies that have field service workers like telecommunications and power companies also use GPS tracking on their vehicles. This makes it easier to keep track of their workers, especially those who have large service areas. 6. Fleet owners  Ã¢â‚¬â€œ Any company that has a large fleet of vehicles, such as plumbers and electricians, need to track them on a regular basis. They have a lot of money invested in their fleet and want to make sure employees aren’t misusing their equipment. 7. Sales  Ã¢â‚¬â€œ Businesses with field sales professionals use GPS to get driving directions and implement last minute itinerary changes. This saves time and increases productivity of their sales staff. . Delivery service  Ã¢â‚¬â€œ Any business that delivers anything from flowers to packages needs to use GPS tracking to improve efficiency. Drivers no longer need to rely on incorrect or vague directions to make deliveries and owners know where their employees and vehicles are at all times. 9. Transit  Ã¢â‚¬â€œ Whether its airplanes, buses or trains, transit companies rely on GPS to make sure they are on schedule. They also have automated systems that announce upcoming stops and inform passengers of the vehicles route number and destination. 10. Limousines  Ã¢â‚¬â€œ Even the hospitality industry has found the value of using GPS for tracking their limousine services. This improves customer service and ensures navigable routes for their oversized vehicles. Employees of these companies have expressed privacy concerns about these tracking devices, but most are unwarranted. Businesses have every right to protect their assets and prohibit employee fraud and abuse. The cost of the GPS tracking system is far outweighed by savings to the company. Employees must be informed of the tracking policies up front and know they will be held accountable for any misconduct. GPS tracking gives employers a useful and cost effective tool to manage their fleets and workers efficiently and effectively. Interview In my sit-down with General Manger Phil of the Embassy Suites I learn the back side of the hotel. I ask one question to Mr. Phi Conclusion Finally all of these tools in technology have been a great impact for project managers as well as in every business need. Managers have learned to rely on these components. This has made their professional and personal life so well organized and planned-out. With this say and done their accomplishments will be successful! No other place but the work force has technology furnish. Work place use technology so well and so much employees and employers don’t notice. In the last tens technology has change and evolve we conduct business, from the way we commutate with each other ordering supplies, sending messages and transportations. Annotated Bibliography †¢Website McGrath, Jane. HowStuffWorks How Has Technology Changed the Way We Conduct Business? HowStuffWorks Communication Web. 01 Nov. 2011. ;lt;http://communication. howstuffworks. com/technology-changed-business. htm;gt;. Technology affects every aspect of our everyday lives. We are able to order supplies, send mail, and make a call in a matter of minutes just looking around we can see how connected we are with each other. Thanks to the Internet, anything can be delivered to house door in days. With advances in communication and information technology has changed the business and the way we commute with each other. Cnn, Jason White. Wireless Technology Changing Work and Play CNN. Featured Articles from CNN. 18 Oct. 2005. Web. 08 Nov. 2011. ;lt;http://articles. cnn. com/2005-10-17/tech/wireless. verview_1_wireless-devices-wireless-connectivity-cell-phone? With new cell phone and email technology people can be reach and contacted at any given time. Teachers can be reach by emails text or cells by students. Bradley, Charlie. HowStuffWorks How Has Technology Changed the Way We Conduct Business? HowStuffWorks Communication 13 Feb. 2007. Web. 01 Nov. 2011. ;lt;http://communication. howstuffworks. com/tec hnology-changed-business. htm;gt;. Technology advancement is happening on a daily basis, we are finding that these changes are impacting on almost everything we do in today world. Technology has also had a Huge impact on the way we work for our money in today’s workforce. Technological improvements in computers, such as using the Internet to make money, commutation, send letters has helped to change the work force. †¢Books Barnes, Juanita M. Patent Technology: Transfer and Industrial Competition. New York: Nova Science, 2007. Print. With the new technology advancement companies make new and money save choices. The US Technologies advancement is crucial and important to the economy and its growth. Showing how close they are to each other.

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