Thursday, July 25, 2019

Practice report Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Practice report - Coursework Example The paper is an analysis of the issue of managing across cultures for the benefit of an organization. Cross cultural management is a very important in the daily operations of any organization that is situated in a multicultural environment. Understanding different cultures and appreciating their differences is essential in determining how people within the organization are going to interact with each other and with other people outside the organization. Proper cross cultural management ensures that there is understanding in and out of the organization (Tjosvold and Leung, 2003). This helps create conducive working environment, which eventually translates into better returns for the company. In this paper, I will look at different sources that have information about cross- cultural management and communication. I will analyze all the sources, and pick two which are most relevant to my area of research. Currency: it is not clear how recent the information is. However, it is indicated at the bottom of the article that the webpage was last updated on 22nd November, 2010. the information seems to be up to date with the requirements of my topic. Reliability: The information in this article is basically about what cross cultural communication is all about, its global rise and its incorporation into educational organizations. The content appears to be well balanced. The author does provide some references for his article. This adds to the reliability of the content. Authority : No one is indicated to be the author of the article, but Wikipedia may be regarded as its owner. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that can be accessed free of charge by anyone. Wikipedia is not a very reputable source since nothing is known of the credentials of the author. The publisher (Wikipedia) does not have any interest in the content of the article. There are no

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