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The Wilding Of America Book Review Essay Example

The Wilding Of America Book Review Essay Example The Wilding Of America Book Review Paper The Wilding Of America Book Review Paper Essay Topic: Into the Wild Wild The Story is Of a white middle class woman, who was attacked by six black teenagers between the ages of fourteen and sixteen, while jogging in Central Park at night. The teenagers who were allegedly involved displayed signs of happiness, arrogance, and heartless feelings towards the incident; it is because of this that the teenagers received the maximum punishment towards their crimes, however it wasnt until after a confession to that crime from Matins Rexes, in jail for murder and rape, the five teenage boys conviction was overturned. DNA was able to prove the guilt of Rexes and the innocence of the five convicted young black men. In his example of the Central Park Jogger, there was clearly Black Wilding. It was black teenagers who were incarcerated for the crime, but the sigma of black wilding describes how people are so afraid of the stereotypical black male committing a crime against them that they would do anything in order to keep society safe. In this case, they convicted 5 innocent black males, without the proper evidence. The prosecutors and all involved in convicting these 5 males were wilding when they pursued a conviction without complete and proper evidence. Colic Turnbuckle explains his experience with the K people, or sometimes referred to as the Mountain People. They are described as loveless people with food and money as their only concern in life. They are also described as a dying society, since they have abandoned their own humanity. The K people are an example of a Wilding Culture. Cultural Wilding is categorized as that, since people put aside both social and moral bonds that many families are expected to have. They committed the most awful and unthinkable act by a parent, murdering their own child. Turnbuckle uses an example of an K family abandoning their six-year old gather who is starved and locked in her hut by her parents to die. Once this child is dead, the parents take her decomposed remains and dump it to the side like a pile of garbage, without the care for a burial. This form of wilding is defined as being self-centered and acting out behavior, which harms others both directly and indirectly. Instrumental Wilding is the most connected with the American Dream, and has terrible effects on society. Instrumental Wilding is when people ambitiously seek personal gain through a lack of moral restrain. Oliver Stone connected this with the popular movie, Wall Street; the famous line of this film is Greed is Good. This speaks volumes to the views of American cultures and the lengths most people are willing to go to in order to achieve the American dream. A form of legal Wilding is exemplified by the businessman who climbs the ladder of success by stepping on his co-workers to get to the top. Petty Wilding could be compared to minor lying amongst friends and marriages, and political figures. This form of wilding is not illegal but although it could be classified as immoral. Drabber wants to show his reader the effects of wilding acts, small ND large scaled, and are a potential danger to Americas society. Drabber feels that in its degraded form, Wilding encourages unrestrained and sociopath self-interest. L Wilding doesnt have to be a criminal act or a civil act in which laws are broken, but acts in which behavior is not seen as correct and thus deviant to the norms of society. This deviant acts, are labeled as wilding and that in it self is harmful to society. Todays Generation X, or more commonly defined as the millennial generations have a different set Of values than theyre past generations. Kids want to be millionaires rather than having legitimate job. There are willing to do almost anything in order to attain this and thus inevitably leading them to commit crimes where the outcome would be financially beneficial. Drabber describes social wilding when explain ins the great recession in America, and people trying to use their credit cards to achieve those goals of the American Dream. Drabber also uses Deuteriums sociological example of society being lost due to the rise of individualism. Druthers viewed individualism as egotistic and lacking in a shared sense of destiny. He felt that individualism only includes the pursuit of pleasure at the expense of others. 2 Furthermore, declining communities equals a decline in an individuals morality. Immoral actions as mentioned before are not illegal but they are still considered wilding due to a deterring social structure that arises from it. Druthers defines anomie as a failure of colonization. Anomie arises, as societal rules become non-existent. Families, neighborhoods, churches, schools, even the neighborhood watch all make up a community, which create a familiar atmosphere giving people a sense of community. Drabber views American Wilding as a model of our political leaders. Political figures seek and obtain votes through lies and deceit to gain the acceptance of the American people. Although he agrees with many of Deuteriums concepts, he felt that these concepts lack political and economic analysis. Sociologist Karl Marx believes that the American Dream involves self-interest. He felt that people are out for themselves, seeking to be number one. By failing to play a competitive role, people would compromise profits. 3 ultimately, America seeks profits by any means possible. These means may include murder for hire, seeking cheaper labor wages through unethical and legal production overseas, prostitution, illegal drug sales to name a few. This brings into light people like Scott Peterson and the murder of his wife in order to collect the insurance money. 4 This kind of criminal are ruthless and play into the idea of black wilding by setting up the culprits as black people and playing to societies willingness to accept black people as hurtful people. Drabber offers many more examples of Wilding in America. Some examples include reality television; our beloved sports players on steroids, and video games, which display violence and murder as a source of entertainment. One f the biggest games in American culture today is Grand Theft Auto in which all the following games in its series have not only gotten more violent, and have included worse forms of drug related matters, to prostitution, to gangs; the game it selves rewards players to do such acts in order to win. It is this mentality that has spread to younger generations that make kids think these actions are acceptable in society. Drug dealing is a perfect example of trying to attain the American dream by illegal ways. These drug dealers are people who might live next door in a suburban neighborhood, displaying the perfect Emily life. This picture of the perfect family might include expensive cars in the driveway, a beautiful and well-manicured home, expensive clothes, and limitless cash on hand. Drug dealers mentality have been alters to believe that do such acts are the only way they can achieve this because the culture they grew up in did not promote any other ways. Bernie Maddox exemplifies extreme individual wilding, which led to the economy moral collapse. Madams Opinion scheme, which netting him almost 50 billion dollars over decades, made people look further into institutional wilding by mortgage companies. Most of these institutions destroyed the lives of many families. They offered people mortgages that were unaffordable, credit cards at high rates, and supreme car loans. People wanted to live the American dream, and sought expensive methods to obtain their goals. This could be considered a form of systemic wilding. The guilty parties include the banks, brokers, and customers seeking instant gratification. Upper class, middle class and lower class citizens share the same type of greed, the American dream and more commonly to people the effects become the American nightmare. In my opinion, this book was very interesting. I certainly agree with Drubbers opinions and statements made in this book. I found myself interested as soon as I began reading the first chapter. His concept of the American dream, and what society will do to accomplish it, is on point. He begins by describing societys fears and how we allow these fears to take over, without thinking things out clearly. Society believes in and counts on authority to make the right choice. The problem is that our authority lacks in morality, and is leading this society in the same way, with a lack of remorse for our neighbors. It is hopeful that President Obama will continue to inspire pop Of a different kind Of politics, built around community and social justice. Also in my opinion White wilding and the greed these wielders have by doping poor people for their life saving keep minorities at bay. It keeps minorities in a lower socio economic structure in which black wilding comes about. So yes I believe that white wilding leads to black wilding it is inevitable because how are minorities ever to achieve that American dream if they are always stopped by the greed of white wilding. The term Wilding can be defined in a variety of ways. Drabber separates some by describing Economic Wilding, Political Wilding, Institutional Wilding, Criminal and Violent Wilding. These are just a few examples that I feel are gravely present In my society. Wilding is a societal crisis, in which Americans are made immune to its reality. Wilding has been exemplified since the early sasss. As time goes on, the needs of Americans have become greater in scale. Wilding in America is seen today, especially with events going on presently. After reading this book, I was able to relate to many of the examples presented by the sociologists, especially with the need to climb the ladder of success. We would all have the opportunity to achieve our goals, without hurting anyone in the interim.

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