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Project Management Approach / Methodology Essay - 939 Words

Project Management Methodologies MedDev is looking to streamline their resource planning across various departments in order to support their global growth and cut costs. In order to achieve this business objective, they are undertaking ERP Implementation as a Key project which involves largest investment MedDev has ever done as a single project. Thus success of this project is of prime importance to them. In order to achieve their business objective, project management and the used methodology are key factor which will be responsible for the success or failure of this project. Types of Methodologies In General, there are 2 broad approaches applied to manage projects 1) Traditional Project Management Approach / Methodology 2) Modern Project Management Approach / Methodology Both these approaches have their own pros and cons and both are widely used across the globe and across industries. There are many factors that need to analyse before choosing which approach is most suitable for your project needs and objectives. These factors are following but not limited to a) Complexity of the project b) Stability of the requirements c) Amount of expected changes as the project progresses d) Do we want process driven or people driven focus e) Involvement of stakeholders f) Previous lessons learnt with similar implementation Recommended Methodology - Factors Based on MedDev environment and business objective, the recommended approach is to use Modern Approach. The recommendation isShow MoreRelatedThe Proposed Approach . The Objective Of The Proposed Approach1030 Words   |  5 Pages The Proposed approach The objective of the proposed approach is to integrate different project management methodologies based on alignment of their ontological models. The results of this alignment will provide a formal description including mapping of elements belonging to both methodologies. This approach also helps introduce new tools for supporting this integration. As shown in Fig. 2, the proposed approach consists of three steps which are discussed briefly in the following subsections: DevelopingRead MoreA Project Manager For A Company That Utilizes Informal Project Management Techniques948 Words   |  4 Pages1. You are a project manager for a company that utilizes informal project management techniques. Thirty days into the project you realize that the team is not communicating effectively and dates are starting to slip. What two actions might you take to correct this situation? Communication is one of the four columns of informal project management. If communication channels are not been used, or if information is not flowing effectively and efficiently, then the whole methodology is compromised,Read MoreProject Management Of Software Engineering1721 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Project management is a tool that the organization can use to eliminate waste, increase capacity, or increase positioning in the market place. Project Management is a broad topic. The methodology has been around for many years. During the last twenty years, the Agile methodology was introduced to project management. In the last ten years, maturity of the merged agile methodology and project management occurred. In this paper, we will explore the project management of software engineeringRead MoreAgile Project Management : Shanaz Sithara Mohamed Samsudeen1212 Words   |  5 PagesAGILE METHODOLOGY CITF 120 – IT PROJECT MANAGEMENT - Shanaz Sithara Mohamed Samsudeen Agile movement as it applies to software development and other types of projects. The world is a global village. Change is the only constant that prevails. This has increased the need to be more adaptive to the challenges (changes) that are put forth. In project management, the need to be flexible has grown than ever before to turn the project successful. They have to meet with several constraints at differentRead MoreThe Waterfall Method And Source Code1529 Words   |  7 PagesThe Waterfall method uses documentation at the onset of the project that clearly defines the software requirements. The creation of the documentation and source code usually takes a significant amount of time. This time consuming process is usually circumvented when using an Agile approach (Arken, 2008). The process, however time consuming, is also extremely important. By clearly defining the goals and objectives of the project, stakeholders like the customers and developers are on the sameRead MoreProject Management Methodology Is Optimal Continues1648 Words   |  7 Pagesindicate the debate over which project management methodology is optimal continues. Agile approaches which include Iterative and Adaptive models (i.e. Scrum) are at one end of th e spectrum. Traditional approaches which includes Linear and Incremental models (i.e. Waterfall) at the other end. With a growing demand to deliver quality products in rapidly changing global market, project managers are required to be creative in their selected approach. Which methodology should be used? Moreover, organizationsRead MoreResearch Methodology On Agile Project Management1734 Words   |  7 Pages3. Methodology Chapter 3.1 Introduction to Methodology The purpose of this chapter is to describe the research methodology used in completing this dissertation. This chapter starts out by describing the initial research and literature review that was performed and then further describe with relevant research methodology. A research method is being selected and explained. A sample of questionnaire and interview questions can be obtained in Appendix. 3.2 Prestudy and Approach ( Literature Review )Read MoreProject Management Team For Developing The Automated System For Grand Acres Golf Course1260 Words   |  6 Pagestraditional methodologies for project management are still vastly used today. In this paper, I will discuss the two development methodologies, the traditional development methodology (Waterfall) and the modern development methodology (Agile, Iterative) in great detail to examine which development methodology of the two mentioned should be opted and be favorable for the project management team for developing the automated system for Grand Acres Golf Course. Key Words: Traditional methodology, Modern methodologyRead MoreProject Management Scheduling1657 Words   |  7 PagesTitle Successful Project Management Scheduling outcomes: A Theoretical Comparative Analysis of networking techniques between Event, Chain with other traditional methodologies Research Question Why it is important to conduct a comparative analysis of Event, Chain with other traditional methodologies and investigate how it contributes in being Successful scheduling techniques in Project Management discipline? Introduction to Dissertation Nowadays, Project scheduling plays lot of benefactorRead MoreProject Management Body Of Knowledge Is An American National Standard Institute ( Ansi ) Essay1170 Words   |  5 PagesA Methodology is a model which the managers employ in the design, implementation and achievement of their project objectives. It contains the guidelines required for managing a project. With the exceptional growth in technology, the present day projects are often large and complex involving a significant risk. So, a Project Management Methodology enables the delivery organization to handle these projects comprehensively, systematically and in an integrated manner, which results in strategic

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