Monday, November 18, 2019

Answer the questions in Bold Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Answer the questions in Bold - Essay Example My earliest memory of visiting a hospital as a patient was after hurting my thumb during a game of football as a pre-adolescent. It predictably turned out to be a sprain, but the pain and parental concern called for a doctors evaluation. I remember a brief exchange with the doctor, who eventually wrapped my thumb and suggested some type of over-the-counter pain medication before disappearing into the hallway. Later, in my teens, I contracted a mild form of strep throat. This time I ended up at a doctors office rather than the emergency room since it first presented as a potential flu. After an excruciating examination of my throat, the doctor prescribed antibiotics to counter the infection that was present. As I further contemplate the aspects of my healthcare memories, the contributions of various organizations become apparent. The hospital is the earliest interaction with a primary healthcare provider that I can recall, which is fitting since hospitals serve as the foundation of all healthcare delivery services (Weinberg et al., 2012). It was very evident that the place served a massive amount of people, based on the number of patients I noticed and the concise, turn style type of diagnosis and treatment I received. My other stated experience with a direct healthcare provider (at the doctors office for strep throat) was slightly less machine-like. This was probably a result of the scaled-down nature of an office compared to a hospital. However, the process still felt rushed, and I remember feeling that the doctor was more concerned with dazzling my parents via jargon than trying to make me feel comfortable. Spraining my thumb and catching strep throat also resulted in some experience gained with indirect care organizations. As with any professional healthcare delivery situations, my parents, being responsible for me as a patient, had to deal with the consequences imposed by the dreaded insurance

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